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Been trying for two days now to get Yawcam to stream. I have UPNP enabled on my Plusnet Hub One router and in Yawcam settings. When I enable HTTP and Streaming I get "Could not find any UPNP devices" on the console. Yawcam seemed unable to detect my IP, so I manually entered IPv6 address (from IPconfig in command window) in the Public IP box on the connection settings page in the form 192.168.*.** - does not help.

Has anyone got Yawcam working with Plusnet Hub One?


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Same happened to me.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_151\bin

The full instructions (complete with pics) found in the forum at

Perhaps the readme.txt could mention]]>
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Mine worked perfectly using SSL on the 465 port and with allowing posting from unsafe apps in the Gmail settings until the beginning of 2018 (for a few years). But now it looks like google has changed its policy again and it will not allow sending emails from Yawcam.

It also says that APPPASSWORD is not available for my Gmail account.

Anyone else experienced something like this?]]>
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When leaving the Yawcam video window just on
monitor nr one where it comes up, it is fine.

If you move Yawcam video window around on the
Windows Extendet Desktop, the Windows 7 PC completly
freezes while the Yancam Video output
window is still alive.

So you have to restart Windows 7.]]>
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