Yawcam becoming unresponsive overnight

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Re: Yawcam becoming unresponsive overnight

Postby malun » Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:02 am

Strange! If the camera's driver deliver a pitch black image without any natural noise when it's completely dark, the device error monitor will not work. Actually, it doesn't matter what version of Yawcam you are using. The device monitor will detect when there is no change in the image and will restart the video device trying to remedy the problem.

So if there are absolutely no change in the image, the device monitor will end up restarting the video device again and again until it's bright enough that the camera's driver decides to deliver actual images from the sensor again.
As said before, this is why it's possible to disable the device error monitor. Simply because it's not compatible with all cameras.

So, when you say that you ran version 0.4.2 and the camera delivered pitch black images:
Are you sure that the device error monitor were enabled?
Are you sure that the images didn't have any noise captured by the camera sensor?



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