Occasional freeze/stop uploading.

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Occasional freeze/stop uploading.

Postby GitEmSteveDave » Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:20 pm

Hi. First off, I love Yawcam. Except for one camera on my website, http://mysite.verizon.net/vze1kif0 or http://www.gitemstevedave.com, all my cams are uploaded with Yawcam. I even mention Yawcam by name in the info/descriptions of my cams, I'm so happy with it. I do have one problem though. Occasionally, the images will stop uploading to my host server. If they do, and I check the program, one of three things will be there. 1.) No report under the Console of any errors, but a quick disable/enable of FTP will restore the upload. 2.) A report under the console in red, and I again do the disable/enable of FTP, and it again uploads. and 3.) There is either no image shown in the preview image, or it is half an image with a bar of static/noise underneath it. When 3 happens, I restart Yawcam, and all seems to be well. I don't have any details on reported errors, but I promise I will write back with any messages I get, and also a screencap if that helps. On each of the cams on my site, if you click the information link under the image, it gives a brief rundown of the cam and the OS it's on. I have all the cams set up to "silent retry" and store the password. All my computers run through a FiOS router to the internet. I have heard reports that my particular router, the Actiontec Mi424WR, has a small "NAT table", and will sometimes overflow causing the router to timeout for ~3 minutes. If this was a cause, would a error show up?

Any information anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. I try to stay "hands off" on my webcams, b/c the less I have to do with them, the less I think about them, and just go about my day. I have had to set up a VNC to my two computers so I can restart the cams from work if they do a freeze while I'm at work. Again, thank you for the great program!


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Found a solution!

Postby GitEmSteveDave » Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:10 pm

So I have been having trouble with the FTP upload and it was only getting worse with each update/iteration of Java. I finally posted a comment to Lifehacker.com asking about setting up a Pentium 2 at my house as a server, so all I would have to do is save the file across my network, and have the P2 act as the server to the outside world. Well, someone read my post and suggested that I could map my FTP server as a letter drive: http://lifehacker.com/5190265/hostmonk- ... #c11727069

So I used the Novell client to make my the folder on my host a "W:/" drive on each of the computers I use for the cameras. I then set up Yawcam to not FTP, but rather save an image file to this "W:/" drive on the same schedule.

Well, over a week later, rather than sometimes 3x daily VNCing my cam computers to click disable/enable on the FTP tab in order to get it to upload, I haven't had a stutter. So I still have Yawcam controlling the cameras and grabbing the image(in my situation, it's "strong" points), but am having my computer/Novell do the uploading(in my situation Yawcam's "weak" point). Just wanted to pass this along to anyone who may have the same problem.

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Re: Occasional freeze/stop uploading.

Postby jordandalley » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:54 am

Interesting post. Will try this! :)

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