Motion Detection settings - Where is "Detection Algorithm" ?

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Motion Detection settings - Where is "Detection Algorithm" ?

Postby mang0pirate » Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:24 pm

Hi all,

I'm having trouble finding the right balance of sensitivity and tolerance levels for my motion detection settings. The default 80% sensitivity and 20% tolerance results in a bunch of images saved every minute, even though there is no actual movement in the room where my camera is pointed in. I've also tried increasing the tolerance to 35%, which produces similar results. I know that changes in light is a factor, but to have the action go off as often as it does seems a bit much.

I found two "help" pages:


where the second shows a section for "Detection Algorithm."

So my questions are:
1. Will Detection Algorithm help fine-tune the motion detection to have less false-positives?
2. What version of the software has the detection algorithm? I currently have 0.4.2 which has the same screens as those in the first "help" URL
3. Do you have any recommended settings for the tolerance and sensitivity?

Thanks very much.


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