multiple instances of YawCam, on one PC

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multiple instances of YawCam, on one PC

Postby Janning » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:25 am


I have am running 3 instances on one PC. I have 3 WEB cams on three different USB, all on the same box, and I run 3 YawCam instances (different ports of course), this is working fine. Works as YawCam (the original), YawCam #2 and YawCam #3.

Now? I know how to install a service to have it start up with windows (I'm on windows 10, 64 bit).
How do install service(s) to have all 3 instances start up?
(This may not be possible, I assume I may have to let the YawCam auto start then manually start up #2 and #3...If so...ok)

But what if I want to Stop a service using Stop service (ie only stop YawCam #2, adjust settings, restart) ? How would I control "which" YawCam I am stopping?
Same question for Start Service.

Please advise,
Thanks, James Anning


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