Motion Detection-Generated Video

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Motion Detection-Generated Video

Postby yonkiman » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:00 am

Just started experimenting with Yawcam - It's really cool. However there's one aspect of the motion detection section I can't make work the way it seems like it should.

I want to generate video of all the critters in my backyard at night. Yawcam's motion detection does a great job detecting them, but it stops recording far too early. If a cat walks into the field of view, the video saved will show a few seconds of what happens before the motion is detected (which is great - exactly what I want), then it will record a few frames of the cat entering the shot, then the recording stops, often with the walking cat still in the middle of the frame. It's almost as if the algorithm is "record 2 seconds before and .2 after that trigger event", and. Whereas I'd expect it to be more like "record 2 seconds before trigger, keep recording while movement is detected, and record 2 seconds after movement has stopped".

Here's a typical example: It's not like the cat suddenly froze for hours (the next trigger was several hours later and did not have the cat) or magically disappeared (even if it did, I'd expect yawcam would keep recording for a second or two after).

I've looked at all the motion detection settings and can't find anything that might adjust this functionality. I must be missing something.

Any ideas?


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