Yawcam Motion detection

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Yawcam Motion detection

Postby webmaven » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:30 am

I need a way to use command line to turn Yawcam on and off (I really need the off) also a way to prevent multiple instances of Yawcam from starting.

I am create a kiosk and I want the kiosk to wake up when someone walks by. I can get the cam to start but I am having issues with turning it off. I don't want the cam on all the time as I am concerned that it will take up too much resources and heat up the MS Surface 3. I did have some success but what I am discovering is that at some point a second cam starts (I know this is my code I think there might be overlap from when I try to close Yawcam and when I start it again). and it seems as if it ignores the settings and sometimes it will not turn off.

I tried using Yawcam as a service but it seems to ignore my motion settings. I had setup the Yawcam motion settings before installing the service but it is not very reliable.

So what I am looking for is:
1. A way to prevent multiple instances of Yawcam
2. A command line that will turn off Yawcam
2a. Or a way to ensure that the service will only start one instance and use my motion settings.



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