Feature Request - video playback triggered by motion detection

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Feature Request - video playback triggered by motion detection

Postby hjackson » Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:18 pm

I'm planning to use YAWCAM for my haunted house party for Halloween- using the motion detection to trigger scary/spooky sounds as people move through a room.

What I would really like would be for the motion detecting to trigger video playback - mpeg, AVI or similar. For example a single image (JPG) could be on screen, but if the camera detects movement a video plays (in my case something scary). Once the video has run the image is again shown on screen ready for the next victim. - It would be super cool if you could also capture their reactions to the scare.

This feature also has applications for commercial Point Of Sale use, where a product image is displayed and then as a customer approaches, a video would play showing the features of the product, offer or extra information. As well as interactive art, museum and gallery use.

Currently you need specialised digital signage media players with a PIR to achieve this, or the fairly expensive (for what it does) http://www.zonetrigger.com/interactive-digital-signage/


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