Suggestion: Auto reconnect of WebCam when lost

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Suggestion: Auto reconnect of WebCam when lost

Postby laksasarawak » Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:30 am

Been using yaw cam for the last week with no issues but found this evening that my Logitech WebCam was no longer detected.

Thoughts would be to have under settings a checkbox flag title "Auto-reconnect web cam" and when set to true YawCam will keep track of the device connected and if it determines the device has become disconnected then will automatically reconnect - if possible.

The purpose of the flag would be to prevent the auto reconnect being triggered when the user doesn't want (i.e. when trying to switch between two web cams).

FYI - the reason for this is that currently using YawCam as a poor-mans security system and auto-reconnecting would add robustness to that system.


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