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Picture in Picture

Postby Darius » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:30 pm

I have an IP camera operating 24/7 as a security camera. At irregular intervals (anything between 2 to 7 or more days) without any warning or apparent/registered reason, all views (preview, motion etc) change to a "picture in picture" format - the current changing/updating view then takes the top left 25% of the screen, on top of a "frozen" full screen. This state then continues until I switch Yawcam off - on immediately restarting Yawcam, all views/displays are back to normal.
I have Yawcam set to take and save snapshots at fixed intervals for a fixed period each day, and all saved snapshots are affected in the same manner - curiously, the date/time stamp is still shown in each snapshot in the bottom right of the full (frozen) screen pic, but changes to correspond with the small updating pic!
This "change of state" can and does occur at any time of day or night and has occurred with two different brands of IP camera. When in this state, the cameras' views have been checked with other programs and found normal, i.e. no pic in pic.
Please - anyone got any ideas or suggestions? It could be a useful and welcome additional facility, but only if it can be controlled!


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