Extend the record time before and after motion is detected.

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Is record duration after motion detection important for your in Yawcam?

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Extend the record time before and after motion is detected.

Postby cesarius23 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:45 pm

Hello there,

I tested in the last weeks a bunch of so called video surveillance software(free and commercial) with my Cam (logitech C920). The only Software that is really rock solid stable was Yawcam: So a big compliment and thanks to the developer!

There is one thing that would be great if added to the settings of motion detection: the record duration before and after motion have been detected.
There is no settings where I can change the duration. I even checked the settings files in the yawcam directory for eventually hidden variables without any luck.
It would be great if this is could be added in future releases.

Many thanks.

I've searched the forums and found similar questions, so I started a little poll... :)


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