System CPU at startup

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System CPU at startup

Postby spyjo » Sun May 04, 2008 5:51 pm


I use the last beta (0.3.0>1) , everything is working with the webcam Creative, and I have a dual core 2.4ghz , 2GB of RAM, on Windows XP SP2.
Yawcam is not setup as a windows service.

Here is the bug I found:

At the start there is only Streaming automatically launched. After launching Yawcam, the "System" process is always arround 18% of CPU.

In the "known bugs" post, I found this problem is normally fixed:
Stream-startup-bug (fixed in 0.2.3)
If the stream output is set to start automatically when Yawcam starts, Yawcam will have a higher CPU usage when no user is watching.
**Temporary solution: Don't use the the startup function for the stream output. Start the stream output by clicking the button manually instead.**

but it seems not.

Then the real problem is that even the temporary solution is not working.
In fact, even if there is nothing at the start of Yawcam, "System" always takes 18% of the CPU.

There is no preview running or so.

And here is a "debug" solution I found:

When Streaming is started (automatically at the start), I connect one client to the streaming, and then disconnect it.
When Yawcam detect that the client is disconnected, the System process does not take anymore these 18% of CPU and the problem is solved.
When the next client connect to the streaming, these % are back, etc..

So in fact, when the first streaming client quit the streaming, the software is running perfectly. But before this time, there is always these 18% of CPU used for System like if the software is always connected at the start to the webcam even if it's not necessary (since the bug is here even if the streaming is not activated at the start).



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Postby tellmewhy » Mon May 05, 2008 5:44 am

Thanks for the tip / solution / work around for this problem.

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