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Yawcam - FAQ

Q: I was told to see FAQ in the stream settings, why?

The settings you are using will not work over the internet! You are not directly connected to the Internet and will only be able to use this address if you look at the webcam locally. (From your computer where you run Yawcam, or from your local network.)

You are probably sitting behind a router. It might look something like this:

[Internet] -> [Modem] -> [Router] -> [Yawcam Computer]

You can still get Yawcam to work over the Internet, but have to change some settings. (Both in Yawcam and in your router.)

What you will need to do is:

1) Redirect one port on your router so it points to the computer where Yawcam runs. (If you use the default port number in Yawcam, you have to redirect port number 8081)
Exactly how this is done differs from one router to another, but it is typically done in almost the same way. Check your router's manual see how this is done.

2) In the stream settings (settings -> edit settings -> stream) select "Advanced" and type in your public address in the field "Force public ip". (You can try to get it automatically by clicking the "Get"-button.)

3) Enable the stream output in the main window. Now you should be visible to others over the Internet on the url
Note that you can't see yourself on this address. You have to use your local address and add local.html. Like this:

Q: I still can't get the streaming applet to work. What shall I do?
A: Check out the "Getting started guide" and see if that helps. You find the guide here!
Q: Where can I find YawApplet_s.jar / the signed applet?
A: The file YawApplet_s.jar is not included in Yawcam version 0.2.4 or above! I decided not to make the signed applet anymore. Instead look at the readme.txt and own_server_example.html located in yawcams stream directory (i.e. c:\program files\yawcam\stream).

What you will have to do instead is to include the CODEBASE instruction in the HTML. So on the webpage (on your separate webserver) the code for the applet should look something like this:

<APPLET CODE=YawApplet.class CODEBASE="_Address_to_computer_where_you_run_Yawcam_:8081" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240">
<param name="Host" value="_Address_to_computer_where_you_run_Yawcam_">
<param name="Port" value="8081">

(If you use 8081 as your port number, and the size 320x240.)
You also have to change the "_Address_to_computer_where_you_run_Yawcam_" into a real value.

Q: Why isn't it secure to save the password in the ftp settings?
A: If you save the password in the ftp settings it will be saved in clear text in a file when yawcam exits. This is not recommended if the computer has many users. Instead leave the password field empty, and you will be prompted for it when yawcam needs it.
On the other hand the ftp protocol is not a very secure protocol by itself. (It sends the password in clear text to the host.) So, it might not be so dangerous to save the password in yawcam anyway ;-)
It's up to you!
Q: Can Yawcam stream real video (and not just upload images)?
A: Yes! Yawcam version 0.2 and above can stream video.
Q: Why are the images damaged?
A: Well, the most probable reason is that you have set the interval between the images to small. File-, Ftp-, and Http-output are not able to stream images like video. (It might work inside your internal network, but over the Internet you will probably get problems with corrupt images.) The interval for File-, Ftp-, and Http-output are not supposed to be below say 5 to 10 seconds.
If you want to broadcast live video, use the stream output instead.
Q: How do I start Yawcam when Windows starts?
A: The easiest way is to copy the Yawcam shortcut from your desktop to your startup folder in the Windows start menu. This will make Yawcam start automatically when Windows starts...
Q: Which webcams does Yawcam support?
A: Yawcam is compatible with all webcams that support VFW (Video For Windows). Luckily almost all usb-webcams today support VFW.
It is also possible to use a DV-camera or TV-card together with Yawcam if you use an additional software like DVdriver or webcamDV.
Q: Why doesn't the signed applet work?

The signed applet requires that the viewer has java version 1.4 or later installed. You can easily get java by clicking the button below:

Note that the ordinary applet doesn't require any additional java installation. It's sufficient with the default java runtime in i.e. Internet Explorer.

Q: I don't want Yawcam to check for new versions at start! Can I turn this feature off?

Yes! In Yawcam version 0.2.3 and above you can turn it off in the startup settings. (Settings -> Edit settings... -> Startup) Just uncheck the "Check for new versions" option.

In earlier versions you have to remove the file ver.dat located in your Yawcam directory (i.e. c:\program files\yawcam\ver.dat), then Yawcam will stop to check for new versions at start.

Note that Yawcam version 0.2 and below doesn't check for new versions.


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