ExifSort - Sorting your digital photos

ExifSort sorts digital photos based on the exif data stored in the images. It takes an input folder with images, creates a directory structure with dates and then copies the images into the appropriate folder.

It is possible to sort the images by year, month or day. If no exif data is found the file date can be used instead.


Windows installation:
ExifSortSetup.exe (Version 1.0)

Other platforms:
ExifSort.jar (Version 1.0)


ExifSort is FREEWARE and written by Magnus Lundvall. It is completely free to use! ...but if you find this software useful, please consider to make a donation.

Mini FAQ:
Q: How do I start ExifSort?
A: In windows: After installation, double click on ExifSort.exe (or the short cut on the desktop).     On other platforms than windows type "javaw -jar ExifSort.jar" in the prompt.

Q: How do I change language?
A: Click on the flag in the upper right corner.

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