Problem frozen transfer FTP

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Problem frozen transfer FTP

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Hello and first of all sorry because I am French and I use google translate to write this message.

I installed yawcam on a laptop with data transfer to ftp.

This one works correctly until a bug that I cannot explain. After a few hours (and probably openings/closures of sessions) I receive the same "freezed" image on my ftp server.

The only solution for it to work again is to open yawcam and put the camera on the computer.

It doesn't bother me when I'm there but when I'm on the move, I can't come back home to update the camera this bug known to users? Is it possible to force the camera to always stay on the laptop? (there is however no other camera connected to the computer..).

Thanks for your help.

PS: attached the last photo of the bug that I receive every 2 seconds on my ftp
exemple bug
exemple bug
image2022-12-29_14.43.46.jpg (108.75 KiB) Viewed 20027 times
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