FTP Issues

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FTP Issues

Post by devicemanager » Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:07 pm

I am trying to set up the ftp connection and everything is going to be internal.

The ftp address of my server is
The path is /snap/IPcam/csr/YawCam/

I entered this information into the control panel for ftp and I’ve tried shortening it as well – each time the log error I get is

C:\Users\username\.yawcam\tmp\date\picturename.tmp (the system cannot find the path specified)

To the best of my knowledge it is true, is my syntax correct for the yawcam ftp client?

I have it running as a service and currently it is writing the images to a local directory on the computer.

File, ftp, http, stream and motion are enabled and scheduled to be enabled. All services work perfectly except for the ftp. I tried disabling the file service too.


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