Problem when no camera on-line at startup

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Problem when no camera on-line at startup

Post by tumarije » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:31 am

Hello, I posted a similar post in the Bug section as a reply but was not posted so I repeat it here more elaborate.

First of all I like this program very much and would like to congratulate the maker(s)! I noticed "a feature" in the version 0.6.0 which poses a problem for me but I believe can be solved in a future version.

In the Settings/Startup please add a tick field "Dismiss error pup-up when no camera detected at startup".

When Yawcam (0.6.0) starts and there is no camera feed available from the camera, Yawcam displays an error pop-up saying, that there was no active camera detected and that you should use "Detect device" to select a camera and so on. The problem is that this pop-up does not close even if after that camera comes back on-line. So the program actually stops (freezes) at this point and without the user's intervention (pressing the "OK" button) won't go on. Why is this such a problem?

Remote systems computers often restart on schedule to prevent long-term down-time in the case that computer should freeze at some point (a common occurence on Windows systems). When computer is restarted the Yawcam starts with it and if at the time the Yawcam starts there is (for any reason) no signal from the camera, Yawcam requires user input to proceed. Without the user input at this point Yawcam actually operationally freezes. Why should there be no signal from the camera? Many reasons. Temporary power outage at the camera; scheduled camera restarting due to reasons already mentioned above; WiFi or LAN not working at the moment of the startup,... there are plenty reasons why this could happen....

So for use of the Yawcam for standalone remote applications with no input available at the location, a startup option which would skip this error pop-up would be highly appreciated. If there would be no connection available to the camera, the program would just wait until the connection to the camera is established again.

Keep up the good work and all the best in 2017! :D


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