email received continuously, false alarm ???

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email received continuously, false alarm ???

Post by yc_user » Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:26 pm

I have YAWCAM set up to send email when motion is detected. I am using the web cam of a netbook with Yawcam installed on it. I have control it to 1 email per 5 minutes with 2 pictures. I tested it at home and took it to the place where I want to monitor. I am not sure if it is environmental difference or not. I am getting email every 5 minutes and the picture attached to the email is the same on every email.
What I worry about is if there is actual motioned detected or it is a false alarm ?
If YAWCAM is taking new picture and attached to the email every 5 minutes, then it is false alarm and I actually like the idea of seeing a picture from the location every 5 minutes.
Can someone confirm if Yawcam is asked to sends an email with picture attached, it will attach the picture just taken and not some old picture from the file system ? Also is there any suggestion to minimize false alarm ?


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