"Screen" like distortion in Service Mode.

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"Screen" like distortion in Service Mode.

Post by Codster314 » Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:57 pm

Hello, I just want to say I love Yawcam, and providing this free is awesome.

I have one question. When I run Yawcam (normally) the image looks okay. However when I run in "service" mode (install service & start service), I get a screen (or grid) like distortion over the image. It is not too bad... but why when I load as normal, it doesn't show up and when I load as service it shows up? What is different about running as service and normal that would cause this distortion?

I have attached pictures to illustrate the distortion. I have tried upgrading to the last dsj.lib as described for other problems. Both produce the same when in service mode. I also have the "forceresolution.txt" fix, but it causes it with and without this as well.

PS. I have a MS LifeCam 5500. Running the latest BETA Yawcam.



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Post by Codster314 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:25 am

Sorry for the double post...

A bit more information. On Windows Server 2008, I run the .exe directly through Task Scheduler.

When I run it with the option:
Run only when user is logged on

It runs like normal (shows the yawcam like it started up, and image is clear).

But when I select:
Run only when user is logged on or not

It shows up as grainy. Thus it doesn't even use any of yamcam builtin service mode stuff... So somehow this grainy is coming up because of the "service-like" environment yamcam is starting up in (when starting in task scheduler or as service mode).

Perhaps this info helps you?

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Post by tellmewhy » Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:10 am

My guess is that when you are not logged on to your computer,
Not all driovers are loaded like they would be when logged in.
That's the only explaination i can give.

After all your registry is part user related, part machine related.
So a part of the registry is not loaded yet.

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Post by malun » Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:04 am

The problem is that there is no screen available when running as a service.
Yawcam uses the graphics environment in java to check how to handle the image data the fastest way. This can be different on different computers.

When there is no screen available, the graphics environment wants to handle the image data with indexed colors on some computers. The image data will then be limited to consist of 256 colors and obviously this is not enough and will look bad...

This problem is fixed in Yawcam 0.3.1. Yawcam will not use indexed colors when running as a service any more. Get the new version the download page.


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