News about Yawcam will be posted here (in reverse chronological order).


Yawcam 0.7.0 has been released. This is new:
  • Changed renderer for preview window from native to J2D.
  • Changed default theme for user interface from Java to Windows.
  • Added option to select theme for user interface.
  • Added option to scale font size in user interface.
  • Added option to select time unit for interval in Ftp and File.
  • Added option to set interval to less than 1 second for Ftp and File.
  • Added option to rotate image 90 or 270 degrees.
  • Added option to display overlay in preview window.
  • Added easier access to camera settings in preview window via popup menu.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Java version 10 to 14.
  • Fixed notification message in Windows 10.
  • Fixed web server to handle query parameters correctly.
  • Fixed that image overlay was not added when all output types are disabled.
  • Fixed motion detection's auto level that could stop when no device selected.
  • Fixed that Capture window with predefined path only allowed JPG.
  • Fixed that Capture window didn't use the correct image quality setting.
  • Fixed that Capture window didn't save JPG with some graphics cards.
  • Fixed conflict between device monitor and drivers native settings dialog.
  • Fixed some languages that were not displayed correctly.


Yawcam 0.6.2 has been released. This release fixes that version check and IP detection couldn't run over HTTPS.


Yawcam 0.6.1 has been released. This version fixes a security issue in Yawcam's webserver. Thanks to David Panter who found the vulnerability.


Yawcam 0.6.0 has been released. This is new:
  • Added "Silent retry on error" for File output.
  • Added option to disable confirmation of multiple instances.
  • Added option to start capture window at startup.
  • Added option to disable sound in capture window.
  • Added option to auto save images from capture window.
  • Added option to add overlay on images saved from capture window.
  • Changed where image quality is selected for capture window.
  • Fixed possible deadlock in device error monitor.
  • Fixed a problem where the service didn't start with 64-bit java.
  • Fixed that MD analyzed images faster than the camera could deliver.
  • Fixed bug when filename contained multiple "{" or "}" for File and Ftp.
  • Fixed page designer's preview for MJPEG.
  • Fixed path problem for browse/save buttons.
  • Fixed some static language.
  • Updated language files.


The forum has been upgraded and is now mobile/tablet friendly. The upgrade also changed the URL to the RSS feeds of the forum. If you are using the RSS feeds you will have to change the URL in your client. Read more about RSS in the forum.


Yawcam 0.5.0 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed problem with repeated images when device wakes up after sleep.
  • Fixed extravars text overlay for empty files.
  • Fixed correct action on cancel button for IP camera settings.
  • Fixed the broken limit function for motion detection actions.
  • Fixed performance problem when the Motion Event list is very long.
  • Fixed possible memory leak when previewing Motion Events.
  • Fixed window position when previewing Motion Events.
  • Fixed image width/height ratio in Motion Events' mini preview.
  • Fixed e-mail smtp port number problem in SSL mode.
  • Fixed the 2GB file size limit for "Images to Movie".
  • Fixed broken page preview.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Java 9.
  • Added default URL if version check fails.
  • Added auto sensitivity/tolerance for motion detection.
  • Added new algorithm for motion detection.
  • Added max filter for motion detection.
  • Added noise filter for motion detection.
  • Added popup menu with image size for motion detection.
  • Added video recorder for motion detection.
  • Added auto delete for motion detection's event list.
  • Added option to show Preview Window without borders.
  • Added functionality to move Preview Window with mouse dragging.
  • Added support for running multiple instances of Yawcam.
  • Improved JPEG encoding performance.
  • Removed the Java Applet.
  • Updated language files.


This website is now mobile/tablet friendly.


Yawcam 0.4.2 has been released. This is new:
  • Added workaround for java 1.8.0_X symbolic link problems.

If you are experiencing problems running .exe files due to the Java/Windows problem. Read more about how to recover here.


A new beta version with improved motion detection has been released. Read more about it and download it from the forum.


Yawcam 0.4.1 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed problems introduced with java 1.7.0_21
  • Fixed that MD couldn't be disabled in some cases.


Yawcam 0.4.0 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed problem with spaces in file path for MD's Run .exe
  • Fixed better argument handler for MD's run .exe
  • Fixed that MD sometimes got triggered on exit.
  • Fixed that MD didn't stop active event on disable button.
  • Fixed problem with certificate handler for FTPES.
  • Fixed problem with hibernation.
  • Fixed delayed open of settings when problem detecting local ip.
  • Fixed missing error message for "Change to device..." when device error.
  • Changed timestamp in console.
  • Added memory for the settings in the function: Images to Movie.
  • Added memory for the capture dialog's file path.
  • Added option to force timezone: timezone.txt
  • Added device error monitor.
  • Updated language files.


Yawcam 0.3.9 has been released. This is new:
  • Changed limit behavior in motion detection.
  • Fixed motion detection's problem running .bat files.
  • Added text file hack: ipcheckurl.txt
  • Added workaround for unstable ftp hosts.
  • Added favicon.ico for built in webserver.
  • Updated language files.


Yawcam 0.3.8 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed DSJ timeout problem for IP-cameras.
  • Fixed a problem with FTP using IPV6 config and JRE7.
  • Added compatibility with more ftp servers.
  • Added support for running as a service with a 64-bit JRE.


Yawcam 0.3.7 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed settings and GUI problems with Java 7.
  • Fixed that image was saved at startup even when scheduler disabled the file output.
  • Fixed broken horizontal flip when running as a service.
  • Added text file hack: javarendering.txt
  • Added an attempt to reconnect the camera if unexpectedly lost.
  • Updated language files.


Yawcam 0.3.6 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed 12 hour clock overlay.
  • Fixed problem with "Don't save Motion Event" for File and Ftp action.
  • Fixed "define motion detection area" for when image > screen size.
  • Changed installer to Inno Setup 5.4.2
  • Updated language files.


Yawcam 0.3.5 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed broken ftp in service mode.
  • Fixed problem with "Stay connected" and long ftp intervals.
  • Fixed problem with fullscreen and always on top.
  • Fixed better ip resolving for UPNP-mapping.
  • Added option for ftp to upload final filename directly.
  • Added script for debug logging.
  • Added file hack for playing soundfiles.
  • Added fallback for bad FTP REST response.
  • Added variables {day}, {dayShort}, {month} and {monthShort} for filenames.
  • Added numbers to the name of identical devices in the device list.
  • Added MJPEG as new stream type.
  • Added new overlay variable {file:xxx}
  • Updated language files.


Yawcam 0.3.4 has been released. This is new:
  • New FTP handler.
  • Added option to stay connected during the ftp sleeping interval.
  • Added option for silent retry on authentication error for ftp.
  • Added GUI option to chmod ftp file. (No need for text-file-hack any more)
  • Added option to run ftp secure in FTPS or FTPES mode.
  • Added option to run ftp in active mode.
  • Added delayed start for motion detection.


Yawcam 0.3.3 has been released. This is new:
  • Fixed better controls to select video format. (No need for forcevideoformat.txt any more...)
  • Added compatibility mode if native rendering fails.
  • Added possibility to flip image.
  • Fixed problem with black images on large image sizes.
  • Fixed problem with old image when preview window was closed.
  • Added option to release camera completely with text file hack: releasecamera.txt
  • Better support for Chinese and Japanese language.
  • Improved speed in internal webserver.
  • Added fullscreen mode for preview.
  • Added possibilty to keep aspect ratio for preview.
  • Fixed possible memory leak in file output.
  • Added new overlay variable: %pubip
  • Handles missing file name for file output better.
  • Added info button in file output settings.


Yawcam 0.3.2 has been released. Not much changed, but kind of important for some users that couldn't run Yawcam...
  • Fixed the problem to start Yawcam with Windows 7 64bit and Java 32bit.
  • Added possibility to disable check for other instances of Yawcam.


Yawcam 0.3.1 has been released. It includes new functions and fixes:
  • Added support Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Added support for network cameras.
  • Added better support for DV-cameras.
  • Added possibillity to run Yawcam as a windows service.
  • Added socket timeout for ftp upload.
  • Added more language files.
  • Added option for forcing reload of overlay images.
  • Added possibility to use longer intervals for FTP and FILE.
  • Added {tstampMS} variable also for FILE output.
  • Creates folder structure if needed when saving files via FILE output and motion detection.
  • Changed timeout for the streaming javascript's loading image.
  • Improved usability for ImagesToMovie function.
  • Fixed the bug with the flickering preview window.
  • Fixed shorter waiting time before stream starts.
  • Fixed problem detecting 64bit java.
  • Fixed some GUI errors.
  • Fixed problem with bad image quality when running as service.
  • Removed Stealth mode. (Run as service instead)


A new beta version with possibility to run Yawcam as a service has been released. Get it here!


A new beta version with some fixes and new functionality has been released. Get it here!


Finally Yawcam 0.3.0 has been released. It has a lot of new functions and fixes:
  • Updated the video source handler.
  • Fixed FREEZE BUG!
  • Fixed memory leak in JPEG encoding.
  • Removed JRE from installation file.
  • Added stream by JavaScript.
  • Added new stream protocol for applet.
  • Added possibility to disable zoom in applet.
  • Added popup menu for right click on applet.
  • Added the file name variables:
    {date}, {dateY}, {dateM}, {dateD}, {tstamp}, {tstampH}, {tstampM}, {tstampS}
  • Added function to save images into a movie.
  • Added image overlay.
  • Added kick and ban stream viewers.
  • Added always on top option.
  • Added right click menu on tray icon.
  • Added tray icon balloon tip text.
  • Fixed decimal value bug in ftp and file interval fields.
  • CPU optimizations for file and ftp output.
  • Fix: Version check doesn't affect startuptime any more.
  • Added stealth mode, which allows hiding windows and tray icon.
  • Fixed offline image to save as "out0.jpg" instead of "out{5}.jpg".
  • Fixed a problem related to image arrays and FTP.
  • Fixed bug in FTP regarding multiline answers to NLST.
  • Fixed speedup for FTP image arrays.
  • Added more options in image array wizard.
  • Added user defined overlay variables (parsed from text file).
  • Added a Scheduler.
  • Fixed a bug in "silent retry on connection error" for ftp upload.
  • Added possibility to use all system fonts in text overlay.
  • Added resized images function to fit a PDA's or Mobile phone's screen.
  • Added WAP page with WAP 2.0 XHTML compability.
  • Fixed a bug where ftp sometimes didn't delete temporary files.
  • Fixed that webserver didn't allow filenames containing spaces.
  • Added a new page in the settings for the connection.
  • Added support to forward ports via UPNP.
  • Added a page designer for the stream page.
  • Now loads from the template file dynamically on each request.
  • Added online check and url info guides.
  • The local IP is detected more accurate and hopefully not confused by Firewire ports etc.
  • Added Motion Detection.


Another beta version of Yawcam has been released. Get it here!


A new beta version of Yawcam has been released. Get it here!


Get the latest beta release of Yawcam here!


The forum is up and running again!


We are currently having some problem with the database. The page has been unreadable during some parts of the day, and the forum will be closed until the problem has been fixed.


Thanks to Pawel Podbilski you can now grab a Polish translation of Yawcam from the language page.


Motion detection added in the latest beta version. Get it here!


A new beta version of Yawcam has been released Get it here!


At this point it is recommended to use the latest beta version of Yawcam. Get it here!


Now Yawcam speaks Greek and Hungarian thanks to Χαραμης Κωστας and Viktor Miklósi. Look at the language page.


Get the latest beta release of Yawcam here!


Problems getting the streaming applet to work? Check out the new stream guide!


Get the latest beta release of Yawcam here!


Thanks to Stein Inge Storvik the Norwegian language file now matches the latest version of Yawcam. Get it from the language page.


A security hole has been found in yawcam's webserver. A fix has been made, so update to version 0.2.6 now! Thanks to Donato Ferrante who found the vulnerability.


The French language file has been updated and a Czech language file has been added.


The language files for German and Spanish has been updated to fit the latest version of Yawcam. Thank you translators!


Yawcam 0.2.5 has been released! This is new:
  • Fixed bug in hidden startup mode.
  • Fixed better error handling for settings file .
  • Added offline-image-function.
  • Added Time and Data limits.
  • Added maximum stream connection limits.
  • Added variable stream image production rate.
  • Made stream startup robuster on slower computers.
  • Fixed a small memory leakage when closing a stream connection.
  • Fixed ViewerFrame no-update bug.
  • Now ftp uploads tmp-file and rename to correct name.
  • Fixed the "String index out of range"-bug for the ftp.
  • Added support for saving image arrays on ftp.
  • Added Offline-image possibilities for applets on separate    webservers.
  • Fixed a time problem in the applet that sometimes made it lag.
  • Added confirm dialog before detect webcam function.
  • Made the password prompts submit when pressing enter for:
    • the applet,
    • the ftp password,
    • the add a user/password to the stream dialog.
  • Changed the panning behaviour for the applet. (It now pans when the mouse is near the applet's border)
  • Fixed the loading text in the applet that didn't disapear in some    browsers.
  • Fixed modal behaviour for popup windows.
  • Added a progress bar on closing.
  • Added sound alert when a viewer connects.
  • Added sound effect when capturing an image from capture    window.
  • Fixed the wrong-size-on-preview-window bug.


It is now possible to sign up for a newsletter with information about new beta releases of Yawcam. More info on how to do this here.
Oh, I almost forgot... Get the newest beta now!


Get the latest beta release of Yawcam here!


Another beta release of Yawcam has been released. Get it here!


I have now made a rebuild of the installation package for Yawcam 0.2.4. In the old package the included applet wasn't MSJAVA compatible. This is fixed now!


Yawcam 0.2.4 has been released! This is new:
  • Added silent retry option for ftp errors.
  • Added path memory for save dialog.
  • Added some new overlay variables.
  • Added text overlay preview.
  • Added some new warning messages.
  • Added announcement possibilities.
  • Added possibility to use older language files. (Missing parts will now show up in english.)
  • Added forced applet size.
  • Added zoom functionality in applet.
  • No need for the signed applet anymore.
  • Added smarter code for data transfer to applet.
  • Added password protection for the stream applet.
  • Added button for auto detection of public ip.
  • Changed from java 1.4 to java 1.5 (5.0)


You can now try the new beta version of Yawcam. Get it here!


I have made the streaming applet zoomable. It will be a part of the next release of Yawcam, but you can download it already now. More information here in the forum.


Thanks to Giovani Lima de Souza we now have an up-to-date translation of Yawcam in portuguese. The language file is available for download at the language page.


The website has been down during the weekend due to problems with the ISP. Hopefully it won't happen again...


Jesse Olivo has written a small application called Yawviewer that works real nice if you want to watch a streaming Yawcam applet. Download it here, or read more info about it here in the forum.


Now there is a Galician language file available. Thanks to Xose Anton Vicente Rodriguez!


Now there is a Norwegian language file available. Thanks to Arne And!


I have posted a perl script in the forum that can be very useful when renaming files created by the image array function in Yawcam. The script is written by Thomas Schrenk. Get it here!


There now is language files available in German and Italian again for the latest version of Yawcam. Thanx to Christoph Klauss and Marco Costa!


Now Yawcam speaks Catalan. Thanx to Jesús Moreno!


Thanks to Juha Tuuttila there now is a Finnish translation of Yawcam. The language file is available for download at the language page.


Now Yawcam speaks spanish. Thank you Rafael Renteral Toral! (Actually I got several spanish language files sent to me almost simultaneously, so I also want to thank them who didn't get their version published on the webpage.)
I also added a new yawcam image (made by Lawrence Carriere) on the link page.


Yawcam 0.2.3 has been released! Some new things:
  • Changed XML-parser for the settings file.
  • Added more text colors.
  • Added background colors for text overlays.
  • Added logfile printing.
  • Added support for saving image arrays.
  • Fixed Stream-startup-bug.
  • Fixed Ftp-directory-bug.
  • Fixed GifEncoder-bug.
  • Fixed Ftp-time-out-bug.
  • Added version check option in settings.


Wow! 3 new translations, 3 days in a row! Thank you Marco Nørregaard Repenning for translating Yawcam to Danish!


Michael Kabdebo has translated Yawcam to German. Thank you!


Thanks to Meiz there now is a Dutch translation of Yawcam. The language file is available for download at the language page.


Yawcam was mentioned in the Swedish newsletter "Program".


The applet provided in the Yawcam 0.2.1 package contained some parts that requires java 1.3. This was a mistake and a new applet that runs with the standard java runtime is provided in a new update. Download it now!
(Thanks to Rille who noticed this mistake!)


The help has been updated to match Yawcam 0.2.1


Yawcam 0.2.1 has been released! Some new things:
  • Stream output now only use one port.
  • Added a signed applet.
  • Added support for more file types in the http server.
  • Now consumes less CPU
  • Now open webpages in new windows.
  • Fixed open-url-bug in win9x.
  • Checks for new versions at start.


I have made a small modification in the license. This shouldn't affect the ordinary user.


Fabrício Consídera has translated Yawcam to Portuguese (Brazil). Thank you!


Thanks to Proshack there now is a French translation of Yawcam. The language file is available for download at the language page.


Thanks to Domenico Bianco there now is an Italian translation of Yawcam. The language file is available for download at the language page.


Yawcam was mentioned in the Swedish newsletter "WindowsNytt".
This resulted in MANY downloads :-)


Yawcam 0.2 has been released!
There is a helpfile!
A forum has been added to the webpage.


Yawcam 0.2 (with video stream) is being tested by some beta testers right now, and will soon (if everything goes as planned) be released on this site.
I am also working on a help file for yawcam! Boring but necessary ;-)


An update with bugfixes has been released. The update can be found on the download page.


Finally Yawcam 0.1 has been released!


Yawcam is near the first release, but still there is some more testing to do.


There is a GUI! ...still only with static language. But now the software is getting pleasant to use =)


The simple webpage is replaced by a slightly more fancy one.


Progress so far:
  • Snapshots in jpg/gif/png
  • Text overlay
  • Parser for settings file
  • Parser for language file
  • Built-in webserver
  • Still no GUI...


Simple webpage created.


Project started.